About Great Scott

The members of Great Scot come from various backgrounds and influences. They share a common bond in their love for music and drive to create. Each member brings something unique to the table.

Phil Ershadi

Phil  got into music in the first grade, in which he realized that music class quickly became his favorite (tied for first with math class).  He got plenty of early practice in church, mimicking the movements of the one church singer, plunking out melodies on his grandmother's piano, or singing along with the same Disney film about 90000 times. He went to college for chemistry, and shelved his musical ambitions for the next 25 years. He bought his first guitar at age 37, as a way of giving the middle finger to all the people who discourage his love for music. He doesn't mind if you forget his name, but would love it if you remember his music.  He would much rather be known for the things he creates rather than his force of personality or photogenic image.

Scott Holston

 Scott Holston was born and raised in rural eastern North Carolina. From a very early age he has had a deep, intimate desire to experience and share music with others.  His earliest exposure to music was in the heartfelt, soulful hymns lovingly sung and played at his Southern Baptist Church. His love for music was encouraged and nurtured by his family as he was taken to live bluegrass, gospel, country, classical and Mowtown performances in his local area. Scott joined the US Army after graduating from community college, serving his nation and traveling the globe many times over.  In all his travels, he has witnessed first hand how music is truly "the universal language". The band Great Scot grew up around Scott as a manifestation of deep spiritual healing through some intense pain in Scott and Phil's lives. Great Scot is a band of healing, seeking to put love out into the world to heal all kinds of pain. 

Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews was born in Detroit during the fabulous 60's. Keith’s earliest memory of music was watching his Mom improvise on the piano in between doing loads of laundry. His earliest music skills were honed in the Catholic church singing hymns from the pew with his family and the rest of the congregation. In fourth grade he picked up his first instrument, the recorder and got a saxophone the next year when he played in the 5th grade Martin J Ryerson band.  Keith was soon introduced to a band called Rush. Drummer Neil Peart’s percussive mastery on the song "La Villa Strangiato" bore Keith’s love for drums. He would soon become involved in various musical enterprises as a song-writer, drummer, music producer and manager, all of which he still loves to this day. Keith is a founding member of Great Scot, a band named for his brother who passed away too young in a car crash.